Dear Students,
We would like to offer you a video recording and digital photos from your prom.
The entire prom is filmed by two cameramen, who use full frame SLRs (high luminous interchangeable lenses, steadicam, camera sliders,…). One cameraman shoots the whole hall from the stage, the other moves around. The recording is then put together from both cameras, which looks great especially during the ceremonial students‘ entry, pre-dancing, midnight surprise, etc. The complete process of video making is included in the price - shooting, editing, complete video clips, subtitles, image filters and also the production of the main prom video, where the whole course of the ball is captured. We publish selected videos from the prom (video clip, ceremonial students‘ entry, midnight surprise) on the internet, so you can share it with your friends and family.
We shoot with Canon's Full Frame SLR cameras using high-luminous L-series lenses. The photograph is available during the entire event – he shoots the program as well as other things such as backstage or group pictures. Editing adjustments are included in the price (contrast, brightness, skin color, white balance, crop, retouch, etc.). You will receive your prom photos in an electronic form without watermark in max quality 21 Mpix and we will send you a permanent internet link, where you can download photos at any time. The amount of received photos is about 600 – 900 per prom, and in a week after the ball we publish 200 - 300 photos on Facebook:
We also do a production of a school video clip or feature document according to the prepared students’ scenario. You can see some of our work on YouTube. Zahrnuje vícehodinové natáčení, sestřih, přípravu klipu pro vysílání na projekci při plese. Rádi vám zdarma pomůžeme s případným doladěním scénáře! Po natáčení vám sestříháme zdarma minutový trailer - který funguje jako perfektní videopozvánka na maturák 🙂 Videoklip den po plese publikujeme v plné kvalitě 4K na internetu.

Every year dozens of students use our services. And every year we get dozens of “thank you emails” from fully satisfied students. We believe that you will become one too !