Převod a digitalizace videokazet VHS. Profesionální převod VHS kazet do formátu mp4. Remaster - vylepšení záznamu. Video na DVD, USB flash.

We dare to offer you digitization - conversion of VHS video tapes, but also VHS-C, video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV and S-VHS camcorder tapes into a digital form suitable for playback on a computer and modern televisions from a disc, USB flash drive or DVD. We use professional devices and time base corrector which eliminates the flickering of colors and picture ripples common when playing VHS tapes.


We focus on the maximum quality of the video, so after converting the recording, we do not hand it over as usual, but we edit it completely: we will DIGITAL REMASTER IMAGE now with the help of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, it is a unique and time-consuming method that removes image noise from the converted video, significantly improves it and performs upscale videos to Full HD (1080p) level . The results are surprisingly good even with worse recordings. You can view a sample in the video below. Next, we trim the frayed edges, cut out the empty parts, adjust the volume and remove the audio noise. We will digitize your VHS video tapes as well as other formats in the best possible quality.


The cost of digitizing cassettes is as follows: Order preparation: CZK 200 and CZK 200 for each hour of recording.  The price includes converting the video into digital form and complete editing of the converted video. You will receive the video in the format mp4 via permanent link, from where you can download it at any time. On request, it is also possible to upload the video to a USB flash drive, an external disk or burn it to DVD. A standard order is usually ready within 3 days, a larger one within a week. If movies are also recorded on the cassette and you do not expressly want it, we do not transfer them and therefore they are not included in the price.


Cassettes please send by post or Zasilkovna to the address: Milan Ševčík, Luční 1189, Sezimovo Ústí, 39102, or to Z-BOX Sezimovo Ústí, Rudé armády 1078, in mail enter your email address, phone contact and the address (or Post Office) where you would like to return the cassettes. After the transfer is complete, you will receive information about the total length of the transferred record, the price and the account number. Turnaround after payment we will send you a download link of digitized video via Google drive . We will then send the cassettes back to you by post or courier. You can also take the cassettes in person to the address Luční 1189, Sezimovo Ústí on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., please call +420602470030 before that.

For more info, please write to: info@videosevcik.cz or call tel .: +420 602470030

! 1. 5. 2024 NEWS - we have expanded our capacities, we are currently able to complete the order within 3 days from the delivery of the cassettes!


Real demo of digitized VHS video with subsequent enhancement DIGITÁLNÍM REMASTEREM: